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Cyclone Season = Change of Plans

Hello all following our voyage,

I just wanted to let you all know that there has been a change of plans for our voyage. Instead of heading to Nauru and continuing on to the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, the Climate Challenger will be heading back to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea to continue the voyage next year. Because the trip has taken longer than anticipated, we are now heading into cyclone season in the Pacific and would be attempting to cross the largest stretches of ocean so far in the voyage which is just too risky.

Initially we planned to stop at villages for short periods only but more villages especially in the Solomon Islands are showing interest in the voyage and requesting the crew visit to share their experiences and knowledge in conservation and climate change.

Naro, West Guadalcanal

After leaving Marau where we saw their seaweed farming and screen printed our new sails, we visited the village of Naro, west Guadalcanal, who has set up a locally managed marine area (LMMA), or tambu area, to conserve their marine resources and increase their food security. More than 100 men, women and children came to listen to our experiences in conservation and climate change adaptation.

Manoi (red) and Molean sewing up new sail. Photo by Manuai Matawai

Manuai Matawai printing logos on sail. Photo by Bernard Manus

Climate Challenger Crew pose with friends on Marau before departure. Photo by Bernard Manus.

Bernard Checheng Manus shares Mbuke experience in community climate change adaptation initiatives with Naro Community. 7/11/12

Honiara Clean Up

We returned to Honiara, Solomon Islands yesterday to participate in the Clean Pacific Campaign and clean up the rubbish and plastics from the beachfront outside the Mendana Hotel. We will continue to remove rubbish from the shores around Honiara until we set sail for Savo Island at the end of the week.

Bernard Checheng Manus leads the clean up on Mendana Hotel beach front – photo by Manuai Matawai – 8/11/12

Bernard and Joseph Ambou packing trash into garbage bag – photo by Manuai Matawai 8/11/12

Although we will be missing Micronesia this time, we will be seeing you next year. This will also give us more time to raise needed funds, produce our documentary and plan the next phase of our journey. We’ll keep you posted on our revised plans as they arise. Thanks for your continuing support!

Capt. Manuai Matawai



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