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Maintenance on Supizae Island

We are on Supizae Island working on the canoe but also took some time out fishing to support our daily meals. Last Friday, we caught some yellow fin tuna, skip jack and rainbow runner. We cut some into steak and cooked on barbecue. The rest of the fish were smoked. On Saturday, we had to rip timbers for the canoe. The work on canoe will be completed by tomorrow ready to set sail on Thursday to Isabel Province then to Honiara. While in Choiseul, we will be conducting a dry stone wall workshop and do more awareness on climate change and sea level rise. The PNG, Manus Community and the PNG High Commissioner are desperately looking forward to meeting us in Honiara. They will be staging a big welcome for us. We expect to arrive at Honiara by Friday next week. But on the way through, we will be making a stop over on Wagina and Kia in Isabel conducting awareness. Willie Atu from The Nature Conservancy, Honiara is expected to join the crew on climate challenger on Isabel province and sail to Honiara.

Good catch of tuna and rainbow runner by Climate Challenger crew – photo: Richard Pangop

Friend, Bradley Opo helping out ripping timber for Climate Challenger – Photo: Manuai Matawai

Molean Polin working on extension to cater for big swell – Photo: Manuai Matawai



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