Turtle Conservation at Arnavon Islands

Moses and the Climate Challenger crew with juvenile turtles ready to begin their journey in the sea of the unexpected. Photo: Arnavon islands, by Manuai Matawai.

After leaving Taro, we stopped in at Wagina yesterday where a large community of Kiribati people now call home after being relocated here by the British last century.

A young Waginian taught how to plant a mangrove by Manuai Matawai at Wagina. Pix Manuai Matawai

The Climate Challenger and crew are now at the Arnavon Islands, Solomon Islands, known as the ‘home of the hawksbill turtle’. Moses Pema, a conservation officer at the Arnavons, took time to brief the boys on the turtle project and some of the activities carried out on the island. The crew went for a site visit around the turtle nesting places and witnessed young turtle hatchlings ready to find their way to the sea. Bernard Checheng Manus when interviewed about his short visit here said, ‘I have learnt a lot. I have seen the movie Home for Hawksbill, but now I have witnessed it myself. I will get back to my island and look after the turtle nesting places”.

Conservation officer Moses Pema, educates the Climate Challenger crew on the turtle nursery project at Arnavon Islands, known as ‘home of the hawksbill turtle’ – photo by Manuai Matawai 15/10/12

Bernard Checheng Manus said, “I have seen the movie ‘Home For Hawksbill’, now I have set foot here and witnessed what this place has to offer. I hope to go back home and look after our turtle nesting areas on Mbuke and the surrounding islands. Pix by Manuai Matawai


I visited here in 2008 and after 4 years, I have seen a few changes; a new building erected, wireless satellite internet connection and solar lighting installed. But the sad news is that, the shore line is eroding as a result of rising sea level which will have an impact on the nursery areas for the turtle. We may lose this beautiful place on earth.

We expect to depart the Arnavon’s at 12 pm today for Kia where we will be doing awareness; connecting culture, conservation and climate change.


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6 thoughts on “Turtle Conservation at Arnavon Islands

  1. Komet Tapas

    Hi Manu and the boys
    Following you on the net every lapse of the waves around the Pacific-keep up the good work, may the Wind carry you onward!Checheng-good to see you-keep it up!

    Dr K Tapas

  2. Pauline Hilan TITUS

    GREETINGS wate awa, Manuai firstly big congratulation for leading this worthy voyage sailing in our unique ndrol (canoe). You all have done Manus Island and especially the Titan people proud..Thank you for the updates and the beautiful pictures….
    … Lapan katu pwilina awa!

    eyo, Pauline Hilan TITUS

  3. Pomat Mohe

    Good to see that you all are still well after leaving Lihir (NIPS ) last September. Mi pla stap wantaim yupla yet. Safe trip and see you all soon back home _admiralty X..

    Pomat Mohe

  4. Thnkz ya all papu stret. Upla mas winim na kam bek safe. Lapan papu 2 mwina awa e iloai e awa.

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