Climate Change Adaptation in Action on Mbuke and Whal Islands [HD VIDEO]

Crew member of the Climate Challenger, Bernard Manus, joined the voyage to share knowledge and experiences of climate change adaptation from his home, Mbuke Island, Manus Province, PNG

One of our crew members, Bernard Manus, comes from Mbuke Island, a small volcanic island off the southern coast of Manus Island. With the help of the locally formed committee – the Mbuke Island’s Peoples Association (MIPA), and support from environmental NGO’s and the PNG government, they have initiated a series of projects that are helping the people adapt to the impacts of climate change and increase their resilience and food security in these changing times.

Mbuke Island, is a small volcanic island rising from the sea (right), and the people rely heavily on the bounty from the sea. photo: Kat Gawlik

The following 9 minute video, filmed by Climate Challenger Skipper, Manuai Matawai, looks into the various climate change adaptation and conservation projects on Mbuke and Whal Islands. This includes mangrove planting, growing yams; a resilient and versatile food crop, and setting up locally-managed marine areas to allow fish populations to breed. Throughout the Climate Challenger voyage, the crew screen this documentary in the various villages they stop in along the way, as part of their ‘awareness show’.

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3 thoughts on “Climate Change Adaptation in Action on Mbuke and Whal Islands [HD VIDEO]

  1. The world r watching n a great innovation for manus n png. The journey was well planned n organised by matawai n his crews. Safe trip n safe sailing the manus way.

  2. fenwick saliau

    I visited yr website today na mi hamamas long save olosem yupla stap orait. mi lukim piksa na ol toltok we yupla putim long web.lukautim yupla na bai mi stap wantaim yupla long wakabout blong yupla. manuai askim poke m i kaikai saksak na pis o nogat.
    ekila ndrebest ne? kulusi ewa pe piaun wiyan.
    mgr_nali sopat penabu LLG

  3. chakumai kusunan

    good morning to all,you all are champs….god bless

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