Our Voyage Featured on Planet Change Blog

We are very happy to tell you that our voyage has grabbed the attention of The Nature Conservancy’s Planet Change Blog – dedicated to enhancing the conversation on climate change and inspiring actions of all sizes.

You can see the blog post here:


It is really great that our voyage is getting worldwide attention on this important issue of climate change, adaptation, and experiences of climate change from a Pacific island perspective! Lets hope the developed nations do something to curb their emissions to stop our islands from sinking!

An excerpt from The Nature Conservancy’s Planet Change blog article written about the Climate Challenger Voyage on the 7th Sept 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Our Voyage Featured on Planet Change Blog

  1. Hey brother – we have not seen the end of this story yet. It has been noted here in Australia and is only a matter of time before the rest of the world will know about it and take note and act accordingly for it is their duty and the right thing to do – in helping the least vulnerable people affected by the impact of climate change – especially the people of the pacific islands that you will be visiting & speaking to during this voyage. Keep Safe always

  2. Sangeeta Mangubhai

    Hoping this amazing voyage you are doing is being watched by the world – we need these types of inspiring stories, and to bring attention to the impact of climate change, particularly on small island nations. Keep sending the blogs! You have a fan in me!


    hi bro and all (crews), its great and happy to know that you;ve arrived safely now at Kavieng with a warm welcome by the Manusians community and NGOs. keep us posted with your next leg for NSP.


  4. Piwen

    Hi Manuaii and the Crews of Climate Challenger.

    We the family are with you in our prayers. Be confident that the good spirits of our environment and our ancestral spirits are with to support our good inititives. We are following you on your jurner around the Pacific.

    Piwen Langarap and your famili of Pere Clan.

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