Broken Rudder

Good morning all.  Our travel to Kavieng was slowed by rough seas over the past 24 hours and the fact that we broke our rudder.  We did some on the spot repairs, and one of the canoes oars is now serving as a makeshift rudder – we will replace it when we arrive in Kavieng.  We are currently about 10 km from Tingwon Island, where we plan to stop and do some awareness.  The sun has come out this morning.  The boys are relaxing and chewing lots of buai and we are eating some yellowfin tuna we caught yesterday afternoon. The rough weather meant we were also unable to communicate with the shore support team until this morning.  All is well, see you in Kavieng.


Currently about 10km from Tingwon Island…

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5 thoughts on “Broken Rudder

  1. Oi… Mandralao….Piaun… Matamolai la Awian… This is indeed a great milestone for the people of Manus and especially your team on the Challenger now. You have taken the Challenge to see Change in our approach to climate education and I am humbled by your commitment. I will be with you all in Prayer and follow on this world wide web…


    hey bro, the night has fallen into rainy night with the moon raising up late at about midnight…just keep harming or sing the “Win Neisen Marching Song” when you encounter rough weather…it will give you all the strength and courage. We are all with you throughout your journey and awareness on clmatechallengevoyage to the PACIFIC ISLANDS. SAFE JOURNEY AND HAVE FUN…IMONG KAUYAP

  3. Has the broken rudder bieng fixed yet?. I hope is it just that and nothing more. How is your supply of food (& buai) going? Please telephone me if any problem ok. Good so far – boys. Keep Safe & take heaps of photos. Chalapi

  4. Hi kaki manux and the crew,,gud to hear that you all are safe and you’ve reach a part of your destination without any worse situation..pls share this motto with yr crew:HAVE FAITH AND COURAGE!!May WIN bless u all thru yr journey..

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