Baluan Island to Kavieng, New Ireland

Only a few days into our voyage, and we are currently crossing the longest section of ocean so far- Baluan Island to New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. After spiritual ceremonies on Baluan, we left the island at 5pm last night. Over night the seas were quite rough, with a swell of about 2-3 metres, but with little wind and alot of rain. There is a small problem with the rudder which we will fix when we get to New Hanover late this afternoon hopefully.
We have a new map on our blog showing our latest position making it even easier for you to follow us on our journey. Once again thanks for all of your support!

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4 thoughts on “Baluan Island to Kavieng, New Ireland

  1. Poyep Matawai

    Upla save lo wrong blo upla? Upla no kam takim mi from skul no mo!,. Olsem na rudder blo upla igat problem.,. Have fun.!.

  2. Rick

    Talked to Manuai this morning, their travels to Kaveing slowed by rough seas over the past 24 hours. They were about 10 km from Tingwon Island, at 8.30am, eating yellowfin tuna and eating lots of buai.

  3. Hey brother – the sat map show you did a roundabout. Is that when you had the problem with the rudder or doing the round to catch of feed of yellowfin? And Poke – I told you to go easy on buai.

  4. Caroline Matawai

    Safe trip dad! Hope you all have fun together.. Hallo to the crews n tell them, “all the best”. 🙂 xx

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