Climate Challenger Test Run

Climate Challenger test run to Pere, carrying over 20 passengers. Photo: Manuai Matawai

Hello there! Work on the Climate Challenger is complete and so we took it out for a test run over the weekend from Lorengau town to Pere which is about a 25km trip.  Along the way we encountered a 3metre sea swell but the canoe went smoothly despite some minor problem on the outrigger. It was fixed the next day. Work on Mbuke Islands’ canoe ‘Mbuke’ is progressing well. The crews are very excited and looking forward to the trip.


The outboard motor was used due to a headwind. Photo: Manuai Matawai


Climate Challenger anchored at Pere Village, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Manuai Matawai

In Pere we interviewed some elderly people, the Chief, youth and women about the voyage. We also interviewed the wives of the crew members to get their thoughts on the trip. All are very supportive and wished all crews to return safely. It is not long to go now – we leave for the Pacific voyage on the 24th August, Manus Provincial Day.



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3 thoughts on “Climate Challenger Test Run

  1. James Hardcastle

    Fantastic progress Manuai, wishing you and the crew all the best of luck and courage, James

    • Thanks for supporting this voyage and we did another test run yesterday with the sails. We have updated the blog with the dry stone walling workshop information. The launching is on the 29th and we hope to set sail on the 1st September. Sign up with your email address if you haven’t already to receive updates. Kat and Seiorse are here in Manus helping me with interviews.

  2. We, the SeaWeb team, wish you and your crew all the best in your journey. Godspeed!

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