Living with Changes [Video]

“Living with Changes” or “Sindaun Wantaim Senis” in the local tok pisin language, is a short documentary, planned, shot and edited by the people of Ahus Island, off the north coast of Manus Island. Participatory video is the name given to the video or videos produced by a group or community where participation from all members of the community including the elderly and youth is encouraged therefore representing the views of the whole community.

Ahus Island is a very low lying sand island severely affected by climate change,  storms and coastal erosion. On top of that their population is ever increasing and fish numbers are rapidly declining. This video was made during a 4 week participatory video activity supported by The Nature Conservancy’s climate adaptation program and funded by Australia-Aid.

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One thought on “Living with Changes [Video]

  1. Marie Beale

    In 2001 and 2002 the Beale family, teaching at Papitalai Secondary School on Manus, spent two wonderful holidays at Ahus Island staying at the beach house of the Knight family. We were staying there in Sept 2001 when America invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You couldn’t imagine a more remote, peaceful place in a world that seemed to be out of control. We cherished the trips to the mainland market and enjoyed strolling around the beautiful island admiring all the immaculate paths and flower beds. Our children spent many hours collecting crabs, swimming and fishing. The people were so wonderful and friendly helping us to find our way around, helping us to make coconut milk to cook our fish. This short video shows clearly the destruction of the island due to the changes in climatic conditions. It was very encouraging to see that the people are taking steps to repair and replenish the resources that are so close to the ocean. Sitting back in Melbourne Australia now it seems like a lifetime ago, your video brought back such wonderful memories.

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