Titans of the Coral Sea [VIDEO]

Our Titan (pronounced tee-tarn) people of Manus or Admiralty Islands in Papua New Guinea have featured in the Documentary “Titans of the Coral Sea”, made by Jordan Plotsky with support from The Nature Conservancy. The 18 minute documentary was made in 2006 and has screened internationally at film festivals and on television channels such as PBS and Aljazeera.


The Titan people of Papua New Guinea have been fishing the same coral reefs for over 40,000 years. But now, for the first time ever, they are running out of fish. The demands of the modern world are clashing with their traditional ways and with the limits of what the environment can support. Their very survival depends finding a way to protect the reefs and still feed their families.

Watch Now!

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2 thoughts on “Titans of the Coral Sea [VIDEO]

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  2. Shining examples…champion voyagers

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